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The latest news on graphene fabrication!

The future is here. Thanks to the magical carbon based material, graphene, the world as we know it is about to change. This site is dedicated to the understanding and providing the latest news on graphene fabrication and manufacturing.

Graphene is one of the world’s most interesting materials. Being just one atom thick, it is the first two-dimensional material to be found, yet it is one one the strongest materials known to mankind.

Besides being so incredibly strong, it can also be flexible, transparent, super conductive, and impermeable to most liquids and even gasses. The applications for graphene are growing by the day, and soon graphene fabrication will be a major industry.

Some of the uses include flexible electronics on devices such as phone and tablets and it can be bent, folded or worn as clothing. It will be used as a major component in the coming quantum computer revolution and has endless uses in industry, industrial materials, biomedical applications and medication delivery inside the body.

Whatever new applications are discovered, it is a sure bet that graphene is going to revolutionize the world in the coming years.